Take this account

May 22, 2012

It looks like I have had a few folks wanting this WordPress account name “seriously”.  I found this out because somebody was so bold as to try and reset my password.  Although I am a little upset at someone trying to hack my account it did make me actually log in and see that I had a few comments that I never actually read.  That being said… I had no idea I even had this WordPress account, I do not recall ever having aspirations to start blogging  (I guess in 2005 I actually thought about it) and now that I know I have it I have no desire to keep it.  If you want it… its yours… I have no idea how to transfer it to you.  If you can give me some instructions I would be happy to pass it along.  Just leave a comment and I will contact you.



Hello world!

December 27, 2005

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